Creherit Waterproof Snap Fit Vent

Technical Parameters

IP Rate :IP67
Vent Membrane Material:ePTFE
Vent Membrane Features:Waterproof,Dustproof,Breathable
Body Color :Black
Body Material:PC

Design & size


Use advantage

Integral forming to achieve good waterproof performance.
Recover quickly from liquid level.
Lid and body interference fit to solve the problem of lid peeling off.

The cover is thin and the body is thick. The sleeve is focused on the sleeve to avoid the risk of the cover falling off or even twisting the column.


Using 2 identical lamps and lanterns, the lighting time will last 90min.
The internal pressure of headlamps without waterproof and breathable screw vents increased rapidly and eventually stabilized.
The internal pressure of the headlights increased slowly and gradually tended to zero with the waterproof and breathable screw vents.

Technical Solution

What are the main applications of waterproof and breathable screw vents?
Waterproof breathable screw vent is mainly used in automotive parts, outdoor lighting, communication equipment, circuit control, motor, new energy and other fields.

How to choose waterproof and breathable screw vents correctly?
Selection and use of waterproof and breathable screw vent direction, installation size, working temperature, breathable requirements, protection requirements and other items related to the specific consulting company sales staff.
What are the characteristics of waterproof and breathable screw vents?
The main features are dustproof, waterproof and breathable.

What is the rating of waterproof breathable screw vents?
It is IP68.

Can waterproof and ventilating screw vents be customized?
The metal waterproof and breathable vents can be made according to the drawings. The plastic waterproof and breathable screw vents need to be moulds and custom-made.

Protection & application


                                                                             Snap Fit Vent AMF300

Installation location and design of installation holes The location of installation holes should be vertical to the ground on the side, horizontal installation of waterproof breathable valves, and bottom installation, so as not to be easily covered by rainwater, dust and other objects. So as not to be covered by waterproof breathable membrane pore. Plug type waterproof breathable valves also have various forms. The installation is sealed by the elasticity of the support body and loaded into the protected equipment by hand. Pressure varies according to different sections. After installation, check whether the fastener is fasten on the wall of the equipment. When you press the button, you must not tear the waterproof breathable membrane.


Installation & instructions


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